Eastglass has a population of about 23,200 at last count. The city is ruled by the celestial Lord Alwyn Raevern, an aging, veteran adventurer and devout worshipper of Pelor. Eastglass is prosperous, its master-craftsmen making lamps of multi-colored glass, precision water clocks and exquisite jewelry, as well as many magic items. Its faith in Pelor promotes justice and fairness, and greed is frowned upon. The city is a member in good standing of the Lord's Alliance and Lord Raevern has ensured that the city is well defended, both physically and magically, against attacks or infiltration from Lochwind, Eastglass's warlike rival. Maps of the city, which has a maze of meandering streets, are not distributed, as part of an effort to thwart Lochwind spies. Some merchants in the city do however sell such maps, often over a black market. Eastglass can be divided into five main districts, each one with clearly differing social class, wealth, prosperity, population, and criminal activity.


The Blacklake District is the district of the nobles and upper-class inhabitants. Some of the nobles are obliviously paranoid or snobbish, and there are several records of the Blacklakes cutting themselves off from conflicts in the core or other places (by creating a buffer of a gated, small district, sometimes called "No-mans land"). Almost all homes here are prosperous and wealthy, and the entire district is overall quite rich. Streams and small rivers of decorative water flows through the district. The Eastglass Zoo is placed in Blacklake, being quite inequitable against the animals inside, raising levels of conflict.

City Core
The City Core is the district where most of Eastglass is governed and controlled. In the City Core is the Eastglass Palace where Lord Raevern lives and governs the city. The Dawnhouse, the largest temple of Pelor ever constructed, is also located in this district. The most prominent inn in the City Core is The Moonstone Mask, directed by Ophala Cheldarstone, also said to have a brothel in its back rooms which can be accessed for a price. In the middle of the district stands the Cloaktower, a meeting place for mages and sorcerers. Summarized, the City Core is a busy district, populated mostly by middle-class inhabitants and also a few merchants. The City Core is prosperous, wealthy and well defended from external attackers.

The Beggar's Nest
The Beggar's Nest is a district of destitution where most of the poor inhabitants live and work. To the north is a great graveyard, and there has been several records of undead attacks in this district. Under this graveyard there are unexplored tombs and crypts from deceased men. Packed with narrow streets and slum houses, this district is the most exploited of the five.

The Docks
The Docks is the district most prone to criminality. It is ruled mostly by organized criminal leaders and thugs, often leading to black auctions and markets. With the main harbour to the west, many illegal wares are easily smuggled into the district, much because authorities do not have a very strong grip on the contemporal events. The district founds The Golden Apple, an inn, and Twenty in a Quiver, a local warbrand shop.

The Peninsula
The Peninsula is a low-populated area almost completely surrounded by water. This strategic position resulted in the building of a prison, which is relatively safe but has had history of some outbreaks and prisoner revolutions, and as such is now a heavily fortified fortress to keep prisoners inside. The prison is divided into three levels; the "normal" prison at upper level, a buffer between the worst prisoners location and the normal level, and 'the Pit', a secure dungeon housing the worst prisoners.

Dawnhouse of Pelor
The Dawnhouse is the largest temple of Pelor ever constructed, with over two hundred priests and priestesses, led by High Priestess Tyllaetha Reuthel and her fiancee Priest Duiril Ildroun, two elves who have been serving Pelor for three centuries together.

Eastglass Academy
The Eastglass Academy is known for training many prominent adventurers, and its graduates often go on to become the head of their chosen guild.The Academy is led by Headmaster Zoldar Torvond, a dwarf who teaches his students the finer points of melee combat, and he has a host of other teachers for the divine and arcane arts as well as psionics, ranges combat, rogue skills, and more. In addition to an education in their chosen field, graduates are put through courses that teach them the basics of all the other fields available so that no fighter is unaware of the power of magic, and no wizard believes he does not need a sword.

LG Large city
Qualities government capitol, pious (Pelor), prosperous, strategic location, tourist attraction
Government Autocracy
Population 23,200 (9280 human, 3248 elves, 2784 halflings, 2320 dwarves, 1856 gnomes, 1624 half-elves, 1160 half-orcs, 928 other)


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